Last week, I acquired a gallon of raw goat milk. Sold as Not For Human Consumption per the busybodies in Raleigh who think they know what is best for everyone.  But anyway.

I’ve been entertaining the possibility of raising goats, but I wanted to experience the product before investing in the means of production. I’d heard horror stories about how unpleasant the smell can be, etc., and how the smell/taste can vary greatly due to breed of goat, proximity of a buck and how the milk is handled after collection.

The only source I could find was from Alpine goats, which are common dairy goats, but are known for how much the taste can vary from doe to doe. I’d prefer Nigerian Dwarf goat milk, because of it’s consistency across the breed and the much higher fat content, but the closest farm with them had let their does go dry already in preparation for an early spring delivery of the next generation. So Alpine milk it was.

I’m not a huge milk person. I occasionally have cereal, and I will use a little milk or cream when I make mashed potatoes or scrambled eggs, but that’s about it. But I like cheese and butter, and I use significant quantities of both. Hence, the adventure. I figure that if I like the milk, I’ll like the cheese and butter too.

I finally got up the nerve to try it yesterday. I opened the bottle and sniffed. Huh. Smells like milk. Meaning, no particularly strong smell of any kind. So I poured myself a glass. Tastes like milk, too. Since about the only way I actually drink milk is as chocolate milk, I poured the requisite amount of Hershey’s syrup in it, stirred and enjoyed. I had another pint today before I came to work.

I’ll get a gallon from the folks with the Nigerians in March, but so far dairy goats are a definite possibility.

Goats are also raised for meat. I am considering that option as well, so I also set out to acquire some goat meat. All I could find was a farm that raised Kikos, and their meat selection was limited. I’m pretty sure I want Boers if I do meat goats, but I couldn’t find any available locally. So, I bought a pair of shanks and a pound of ground goat.

Last week, I invited Dear Niece over for tacos and proceeded to make them using the ground goat. There was no strong or peculiar odor from the meat, either as it cooked or once it was done. With all the spices and fixings that go into tacos, I couldn’t tell a significant difference in taste between it and beef tacos. DN agreed, but said that the texture seemed a little different than beef to her. Not bad, just different. We both enjoyed our tacos.

A few minutes after I finished the last one, I noticed a mild but definite aftertaste in my mouth. When questioned, DN acknowledged noticing it as well. It wasn’t necessarily unpleasant, but it was disconcerting, mostly because it was unexpected. It lingered for a bit, but eventually passed. I’ll try braising the shanks at some point and will reserve judgment on goats as a meat source until then.

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5 Responses to Goat

  1. hollychism says:

    You could also rent your goats out for brush clearing. There are companies around here that do that. πŸ™‚

  2. Jin Chiang says:

    Back when you were hopping…

    Ditzy friend: “How could you be friends with Grumpy?”
    Me: ???

    “He’s a monster! Did you not read about those poor rabbits? He needs to get his meat from the supermarket like everybody else.”
    “Do you really think the butcher exudes meat out of a nozzle?”

    * Light bulb slowly goes on above her head *

  3. Jin Chiang says:

    Thinking about a modern version of the three sisters in Native American culture for the concrete jungle. Use waste from a shrimp pool to fertilize avocado and macadamia trees. Wonder if it would be viable.

    Would love to build a rig like Big Daddy from BioShock to cultivate if so and scare people as a bonus. Can you imagine that dive suit monstrosity clambering out of the pool?

    “Grumpy, did you bring the goat butter? Why don’t you holster your revolver and make yourself at home. We’re having shrimp scampi with avocado toast.”

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