My first four-day weekend is almost over. It was nice. I ate too much, which I’ll have to work on, but it was a good balance of productivity and laziness.

I’m six days away from corneal cross-linking procedure number two. I’m definitely not looking forward to it. I am, however, looking forward to having it behind me and being able to get glasses that actually work well and will continue to work for some time.

I took my truck to a nearby self-service car wash a couple days ago to get the last residue from a load of dirt I hauled a year ago out of the bed. There wasn’t much, maybe enough to fill half of a five-gallon bucket. I was maybe a minute into the process when this dude walked up. He told me to make sure I washed everything down the drain, told me that I should pull the truck forward so the tailgate would be directly over the drain, and then bitched about how he’d been out there for hours cleaning up mud left by one of my buddies. All while the timer was counting down on my nozzle time. Way to make sure I never come back, asshole.

Subway is so hit-or-miss. With current promotions, I can get three sandwiches for less than Jimmy John’s gets for one. At their best, they aren’t as good as JJ’s, but since my local JJ’s no longer has wheat sub rolls, there isn’t that much of a difference. The problem is inconsistency. I order online so I can get in and out quickly. Last time I got Subway, they were excellent. Today, despite requesting double mayonnaise and putting a request for “lots of mayo” in the order request field, there was almost none on either sandwich. Big bread plus minimal dressing makes for an unappealing meal. Yes, I brought them home to eat, and yes I have mayo here that I can add, but it is a lower calorie version. When I get Subway, it’s a splurge and I don’t want budget (calorie wise) dressing. Either I give up on them, or I suck it up and order in-store so I can make them make it right.

Just finished watching the original Death Wish franchise. There was lots more nudity on screen back in the 70s and 80s. Haven’t seen full tits, much less FFN in any movie made in the last twenty plus years.

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2 Responses to Update

  1. hollychism says:

    I never liked Subway that much…too much bread, not enough sandwich. Though, that said, some of their specialty subs were quite good.

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