Tractor Follow-up

For those who read to the end of my tractor post, remember that I gave myself six months before destroying another taillight? It didn’t take two weeks. I spent another $205 for the next longer cylinder, and that will put an end to that. It arrived last week, and I installed it yesterday while waiting for the power company to show up. The replacement taillight is on order.

In addition to swapping the cylinders, I also took the time to snake skin and reroute the hoses from the diverter valve. When I reattached the bracket to the swivel, the ball popped out of the base. Figures. The base is plastic, but it was the only swivel I could find with a bolt-on base. Well, that ruined that idea.

After experimenting with several different locations again, I settled on mounting the stud from the swivel through a hole drilled right behind the SMV triangle. I also flipped the bracket around, which tucks the quick-connects in behind the cross-support. I think I found the right combination, between the swivel stud (now fixed), the bracket holding the quick-connects to said stud, the height at which I secured the bracket to the stud, the routing of the hoses coming out of the new cylinder, and the angle of the check valve assembly attached to the cylinder.

I cycled everything through all ranges of motion. The corner of the quick hitch is still an inch from the taillight at minimum extension, so no more busted taillight lenses. The snake-skinned lines slid over all observed obstructions. Lots of clearances are tight, especially at full hitch lift, but nothing truly bound up that I saw. It’ll take a full day or more of working it to be sure, but I’m hopeful. I’ll be happy to close this chapter. I love having the top link, but I am not happy with what it’s taken to get here. It was supposed to take less than an hour total.

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2 Responses to Tractor Follow-up

  1. hollychism says:

    Sounds like you finally got it the way you wanted it. Too bad you’re halfway across the country from us…I’d rather pay you to do the work than most of the individuals around here that don’t bother to return calls when we’re looking for someone to do what needs done. We probably need a tractor (at least a small one), but we need a new roof more. Might have to see about renting something. Driveway needs re-graveled and ruts filled in a bit, and the pasture needs cut.

    • alaskan454 says:

      I, too wish I were closer. I’m always looking for excuses to run it. I’ve done several local driveways, including my own of course. I’ve gotten pretty good at them. We won’t speak of my first attempts, though.

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