Job Update

I finally got another job last week. Well, I got the offer letter last week and signed it immediately. My new role is as a team lead in our injection molding department – effectively an internal transfer. It’s a less technical position, so there is a pay cut in the deal, but continued employment is a bonus in itself. The problem is that I can’t get them to give me a start date.

Supposedly, new supervisor and old supervisor talked about it earlier this week. When I asked, the response was, “No decision yet, more to come.” What the fuck does that mean? Typically, this is how these conversations go:

“I hired your guy.”

“I know.”

“When can I have him?”

“When do you want him?”


“How about in two weeks?”

Unless there is pressing need on one side or the other, two weeks or less is typical. They come to an agreement and the employee is advised accordingly.

I can’t imagine my losing supervisor fighting to keep me for an extended time, since I haven’t done a single shift’s worth of work in the last month combined. Gaining supervisor indicated that he wants me soon, but the need didn’t seem critical. So what the fuck is the holdup? I’ll transition Monday if I can. Or wait until after labor day. Or the week after that if I really need to. But why can’t they agree and give me a date?

No, I’m not a very patient person. How could you tell?

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