Well, the supreme lord-emperor of my realm decreed that all us peasants are under house arrest as of 1700 on Monday, 30 March 2020 – except for “essential business” activities. Which means that we can go to the grocery store, pharmacy, convenience store, golf course, liquor store, etc., but we can’t seek preventative medical care, go to church if there are more than ten attendees, or go to the gym. Also, many (most) manufacturing plants, including mine, are considered essential and operating pretty much as usual. I have my travel permission slip in case the Gestapo challenge me.

I took Wednesday through Friday off last week. I simply had to get away from the stupidity, if only briefly. Oil changes were done, felled trees were cut up and relocated over the property line 😈, fertilizer and grass seed were spread, tractor implement stands were fabricated and put in service, lattice was cut and hung, generator load tests occurred, and some minor reorganization took place in and around my storage building. This has left me with little to do while waiting for the grass to start growing. Ordinarily, that would be a good thing. These are not ordinary times, though.

It’s already Friday, and I only have a couple of possibilities for weekend projects. There are lots of trees that I could cut, but the fork mount for my tractor front end loader is out of service. I have found it to be an exercise in frustration to try to move logs and branches with a bucket. That’s why last week the tree got pushed over onto my neighbor’s property instead of being properly processed. I guess I’ll be reshaping the ditch that runs along the front edge of the property, next to the road. A slight rise has developed about fifty feet from the driveway culvert, just enough to cause water to pool there after a rain of any significant duration. That shouldn’t take but a few passes with the plow, and then some cleanup. I’ve considered going deeper, then putting in a perforated pipe and covering it with gravel, but I’m not sure that is necessary. It’s steep in places, but I’m not sure that it is steep enough to warrant that much expense.

I have several scoops of topsoil left from my last dump truck delivery and I’m not sure what to do with it. There are a few spots in the back yard/field that could use it, but overall the raking that I did to prep it for seed smoothed out things pretty well. And I don’t want to go there until the grass establishes itself, assuming that it does. I mean, it rains every day for six months, then as soon as I put down grass seed, it stops. The area is too large to water without commercial irrigation equipment, so I’m stuck with a temperamental Mother Nature.

As luck would have it, as I was writing this, Lady messaged me asking if I could do their driveway again. I have since learned that it’s her father who runs the trash service – the same guy who wrote the check and ran me off last time. I have yet to lay eyes on her. I probably never will. Disappointing. She was half the reason why I low-balled the price first time around. Whatever.

I agreed to come back but only at the same price as the first time. There are two major problem areas, both of which are every bit as bad as they were before I did any work last time. The rest has held up okay. So, I should be able to do a better job with those this time around without spending more time there than I did originally. I would’ve worked them more the other weekend, but dude seemed to want me to go. So I left. I guess this means that I now know how I will spend my weekend. I just hope that I’m more satisfied when the job is done than last time.

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1 Response to Plague

  1. hollychism says:

    Yeah, we’re under house arrest starting Monday, too. I’m sending Andrew out after some garden stuff tomorrow.

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