Slow Week

I’m sitting at work, practicing Social Distancing. Mostly, I’m avoiding assholes. Then again, that’s what I do every day.

My workload has been light so far this week. I rebuilt a pump on Monday because some dipshit closed a valve that is never supposed to be touched and I didn’t notice until the newly rebuilt pump didn’t work either. Everything else has been non-problems.

“The board on this crate is loose.”

“I think the reading on this power supply is too low.”

“Is the gap in this rail right?”

You get the idea. The idiots with whom I share the planet are getting on my last nerve, and I want the weekend to be here so I don’t have to be around them or hear about their latest displays of insanity. Sure, time seems to pass more quickly when I’m busy, but I haven’t been the least bit motivated all week.

Actually, I’ve been looking forward to next weekend, when I have a three-day weekend scheduled. Well, had scheduled.

I have a subscription with the local-ish massage joint. They charge me a discounted amount every month, and in exchange, I get to come in for a 50-minute massage once per month. It’s a good deal, since they carry over if not used. I think I have five on the books now.

Two weeks ago, I tried to get an appointment with my girl for this Friday, but she was fully booked. So, I scheduled my vacation day and a double slot with her for next Friday when she did have appointments available. Yes, my girl. She’s awesome, and the only one I’ll see. If she quits, I’m canceling my subscription.

A brilliant idea hit me a few minutes ago. Since the entirety of Earth’s population, minus like five people, have completely lost their minds, maybe a slot has opened up for this Friday with K. Because our lords and masters who are decreeing lockdowns left and right will probably get around to closing all non-essential businesses (as defined by them) by next week. Like they have the right. Anyway.

As luck would have it, not one slot, but two back-to-back slots were available with her. I had them cut and paste my appointment from next Friday to this Friday. As soon as I hung up, I reached out to my boss and rescheduled my vacation.

And it’s going to be in the low 80s Friday. So I’ll get to enjoy a gorgeous day on the tractor before heading to my 1600 appointment with Miss Magic Hands. Who isn’t at all hard on the eyes. Win. Win.

On Saturday, I have my third paying job with the tractor. Second, really. I did some work for a former boss several weeks ago supposedly at no charge, but the stubborn fucker insisted on paying me. Anyway, I have a quarter-mile dirt/sand driveway to grade. I went and looked at it yesterday. A trash hauling company uses it, and it’s rough. Chick says she wants someone out at least once a month to maintain it, maybe as frequently as bi-weekly.

I told her that it really needs some fill material, and then some sort of topping (ABC, gravel, something), but I’d do the best I could with what’s there. I under-bid heavily, for two reasons. First of all, I enjoy working on the tractor. Probably twenty of the almost 190 hours on it were doing shit for other people for free. Second, I’m not a pro, and it’s a very small tractor. It’ll take me all day to do what a full-sized tractor with a professional operator can do in an hour. And after all day, mine won’t look as good, both because of the equipment and the operator. Amateur results = amateur rates.

Technically, it’s a compact tractor, which is the second smallest class of “real” tractor (not a glorified lawnmower), but nobody uses less than a mid-size if they’re going to be doing paying work with it. Sorry. I keep getting distracted.

I’m honestly not sure that I want the ongoing contract. We’ll see how much time and effort it takes on Saturday, and how good I can get it. Then see how quickly it deteriorates under the truck traffic. I’m not going to spend four hours un-fucking it every month for fifty federal reserve notes. However, I wouldn’t mind spending up to an hour and a half every two weeks for the same fifty bucks. Plus, if her book of faces profile picture isn’t outdated or heavily photoshopped, she’s kinda cute. I’m not one to turn down an opportunity to be paid to observe nice scenery.

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