Idiots, Morons and Stupid Motherfuckers

I’ve often made fun of the people who empty the stores of bread and milk ahead of a snow event or hurricane. That behavior pales in comparison to the insanity that has infected the entire fucking planet over this Wuhan Flu virus apocalypse plague thing. It just boggles the mind. Then again, I was like the only person who thought that it was stupid to ground all air traffic in the wake of 9/11.

Maybe I’m just too fucking stupid to have a clue. I don’t know. This panic has the market tanking and borderline martial law all over the place. And for what? Yeah, if people get together, they might catch something from someone in the group. So, what? That’s always been the case. Yeah, this bug is worse than the usual stuff we deal with, but it’s not like it’s a death sentence except for a few categories of people. Those should probably self-quarantine until this shit blows over. The rest of us? Live life as normal. If you catch it, you’ll be miserable for a week or two and then it’ll be over. Life carries risk. Deal with it. Just don’t do so in a way that fucks the rest of us over.

And the government can just go fuck off. You’ve caused most of the problems that have ever existed, and those you didn’t cause, you made worse trying to “fix” them.

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