Adventures in Tractoring

I bought a Kubota B2601 compact tractor back in March. I paid the dealer to do the 50 hour service, but decided to do the subsequent ones myself. Well, I hit 100 hours last week, which was my trigger for the next service.

I over-maintain everything that I own, and the Kubota is no exception. I decided that I would do an oil and filter change, and change out the HST filter. Well, that last part turned out to be a lesson that cost me almost a hundred fifty federal reserve notes.

Kubota uses a single four-gallon reservoir for all things hydraulic. This iincludes the transmission, the PTO, and the traditional hydraulic system (hitch, loader, etc.). There are also two filters on this system. One is called an HST filter, and the other a transmission filter. The HST filter is smaller and easily changed with minimal fluid loss. The other allows 90 percent of the reservoir contents to pour out immediately upon removal.

Guess which one I pulled off. And dropped into the drain pan. Yep, the big one. For which I had no replacement, much less the four gallons of really expensive fluid that came pouring out.

I promptly brushed myself off and headed over to my local dealership. I arrived at 1209. To find out that their parts department closes promptly at noon on Saturday. I called the next two closest dealers only to learn that the practice of closing at that time is an epidemic.

That left me to finish the engine oil change and wait until the $27 filter and the $115 of hydraulic fluid could be acquired. My bad day didn’t end there.

As is my normal practice, I poured slightly less than the published quantity of oil in and started the engine briefly to circulate it through the system. After less than a minute, I shut it down, let it settle, checked and added as necessary.

Only to find out that the fill cap had vibrated down into a trough between the oil pan and the radiator. At least I assume that’s where it went. It wasn’t where I set it, and it wasn’t on the ground. Said trough is about the only place it could’ve gone. Add another line item to the list of stuff that I must have before I can put it back in service.

Glad I finished mowing before starting the service work.

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