Here I Go Again

I’m embarking on yet another weight loss journey. This morning I weighed 261 pounds. Based on my height and branch of service, my maximum weight according to Uncle Sam is 160 pounds. So, my goal is 159 pounds. And I want to be there by the end of the year. That’s almost exactly two pounds per week, sustained for an entire year. 

My plan is to consume 1,000 calories less every day than I used the previous day. But it’s not just about calories. I’m cutting meat and animal products to ten percent or less of my calorie intake. I plan to eliminate refined sugar from my diet completely, and keep my saturated fat intake to a minimum. Sodium consumption must also be minimized, and balanced by potassium. Fortunately, I can have all the starchy vegetables that I want – since they are pretty much the only ones that I like. 

According to my fitness tracker, I used 2,796 calories yesterday. So, today’s maximum is 1,800 calories. 

Breakfast was salad with a homemade salad dressing, a cup of buckwheat with the entire spice rack and a splash of bone broth thrown in, and 200 grams of fresh pineapple. Total, 330 calories. 

I’m taking another two cups of buckwheat, two cups of boiled wheat berries, and two cans of light fruit cocktail with me for lunch and dinner. Assuming that I eat it all, that will put me at 1,745 calories for the day. No refined sugar, negligible animal products, and maybe one gram of saturated fat. Minimal sodium, too – all from the bone broth. 

On my way home, I plan to stop at the gym and do something cardio-ish for 45 minutes.  

Then I have to repeat for 363 more days. This is going to suck! 

EDIT: I couldn’t do the wheat berries. I’ll have to make them a supplemental ingredient in another dish. Too bad, because I have gallons of the things.  Couldn’t finish the second round of buckwheat either. Also, the second can of fruit cocktail was a no-go. The gym didn’t happen – too much foot pain. This is going to be a huge challenge. 

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2 Responses to Here I Go Again

  1. bbuddha says:

    you are in good company, I started a new eating plan just before thanksgiving. I’m doing Primal with intermittent Keto, So far I’ve lost 15 pounds, about 50 to go.

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