​I Really Should Know Better

I hate to throw anything away. I have a color laser printer that I bought years ago, just as they were becoming affordable-ish. Some time ago, it started printing shadows from previous pages. The wisdom of the internet at the time said that the drum was almost certainly the culprit, despite the fact that I was nowhere near the page count that was normal end of life for the model. A new drum cost half as much as the printer, so I let it sit for years, using my inkjet instead. 

A couple weeks ago, I decided it was time to toss it. However, before doing so, I rechecked drum prices. I found that one could be had for slightly more than half of what they were bringing when I initially looked into them. I decided to order one. 

You guessed it. The new drum didn’t fix the problem. Additional research indicates that the issue could also be caused by part X or Y. Sometimes, part Z will do it, too. 

Fuck it. Its final ride will be on this week’s trash truck. 

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