Goodbye S6

Yes, I’m still alive. Obviously. I’ve been too busy to post of late, but I’m fine.

In April, 2016, I purchased a used Samsung Galaxy 6 to replace the severely underpowered LG Power that I had been using for several months. Last week, I switched back to the LG. 

It was about six months before I started noticing a significantly shortened battery life with the S6. I was going to replace the battery until I got quotes north of a hundred federal reserve notes for the privilege. Then I considered attempting the replacement myself. A couple of instructional videos later, I understood the reason for the price. I wasn’t venturing down that path. 

I carried portable power packs (batteries with a USB output) for a while to supplement the failing onboard battery for times when no electrical outlet was available. Then I learned that cases that have batteries made into them are a thing.  I bought one rated at about one and one-third the capacity of the original battery. 

Four months later, I couldn’t get through a ten hour shift with maybe one hour of active use and the rest standby time. On average, the battery would drop about one percent for every minute of active use and about twenty percent per hour of standby. When the battery hit about 30% remaining, I would turn on the battery in the case. It would drain in about an hour and leave the onboard battery at eighty-something percent. 

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that either the onboard battery and case battery are both shit, or something about the phone is causing it to use an obscenely high amount of power. I loaded a power usage monitoring application, and it reported normal readings. 

So, do I assume that the phone itself is fine and shell out for a new internal battery, buy a better case batttery, continue using this frustrating LG, or pony up for a new phone? I’m not sure I like any of those choices. 

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