Been a busy couple weeks. Finally got the deadbeat tenants out of my house in the ghetto, got out all the shit they left in it, paid a small fortune to have it disinfected, and then got Dear Niece moved in a little over twenty-four hours ago. She’s stressing over the fact that the neighborhood seems to have gotten worse since she stayed there with me a couple years ago, the work that still needs to be done on the house, and the fact that she has her own place for the first time in her life. Wish her luck. She’ll be fine, although I’m not sure she believes that at the moment.

Because of the aforementioned extra activity, I haven’t ran since the Great Strides 5K on 29 April. Hopefully the new normal will kick in soon and I can get back to it. But probably not. Today I start training a new operator, and because of the production schedule on that line, I’ll be back to 10-12 hour days instead of the 8-9 hours that I’ve grown accustomed to the last month or three.

I’m not extremely happy with Jenson USA at the moment. On 8 May, I dropped nearly a thousand Federal Reserve Notes on a bike from them. They estimated a ship date of 10 May. On 11 May, after I hadn’t gotten any follow-up information, I logged into my account on their website to check the status of my order. My order does not exist. The account does, but the order isn’t there. So, I called them. Have I mentioned recently just how much I hate trying to talk on the phone? Anyway, dude looks up my order, finds it, and is clueless as to why I can’t see it. He told me that my bike was #13 in the build queue and should be done and shipped out on 12 May. Well, it’s now 15 May, my order still doesn’t show up in their system when I log in, and I haven’t heard fuck all from them as to if it left People’s Democratic Republic of Kalifornistan on Friday or not. The thing is, I don’t mind so much that it is taking a while to get it done. I do want it done right, and am willing to wait a little while to ensure that. But I’d really appreciate a functional website and honest date estimates. Absent that, I would expect direct and timely communication with the accurate information.

On the way back home from my Mother’s Day road trip, I saw the aftermath of an accident. Part of that was a bicycle folded in half. Kinda makes me nervous, considering my recent purchase. Fuck it! Gotta die of something.

One of my two remaining chickens has been broody for a month or so. Every couple days I get pecked while annoying her off of the eggs so I can collect them. I hope she gets over it soon. Bitch is annoying the fuck out of me.

Things with my new lady friend are going well. We haven’t completely annoyed the shit out of each other yet, anyway.

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  1. lpcard says:

    Overjoyed that things are still going well for you my friend.

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