Mulching Kits … Don’t

Today I installed the mulching kit on my new Cub. I chose a Cub branded kit, so the part quality should match the original equipment. Should.  

These kits consist of a plastic plug that blocks the discharge port, and a set of mulching blades. Theoretically, the cut quality shouldn’t change. The plug just keeps the clippings contained inside the deck while the tops of the blades disintegrate them. Theoretically. 

I had already completed three laps when I decided that I had enough time to install the kit and finish at least the back yard before having to quit and get ready for work. The install was slightly less smooth than I anticipated, but still relatively painless. 

Immediately, I noticed missed spots. Lots of them. Maybe the mutant dandelions in my yard are particularly resistant to being cut. Maybe I was too busy smoothing out the edges to notice the misses the first few times around. Or maybe installing a mulch kit does something that prevents a clean cut. In any case, I’m back to a 50% overlap. Fortunately, 50% of 54″ is quite an improvement over 50% of 42″. If you don’t believe me, ask your old lady how much difference six inches makes. 

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2 Responses to Mulching Kits … Don’t

  1. GarandGal says:

    Six inches is QUITE the difference!

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