Fuck Windstream

Windstream has bought up most of the small, rural telephone companies, making them the largest rural telephone service provider in the nation. Fortunately for them, few of their customers have any other options. 

I’ve been stuck with them since I moved into my current residence a little over two years ago. I tried to get cable Internet, but I’m too far from the nearest tap. By less than a hundred feet. But too far is too far. So, I called Windstream and have been overpaying for mediocre service ever since. 

I complained before about how they won’t send you a courtesy email to let you know when your bill is ready if you sign up for their paperless billing option. After a couple months of late fees, I went back to killing trees every month so I could keep up with it.

A month or so ago, they sent me a postcard advertisement saying that I was eligible for upgraded speed at no extra charge for twelve months. I called them and accepted the deal. Basically, they combine two lines to double the speed. It worked fine for a few weeks. 

Then one side dropped off. It simply wouldn’t connect. I did all the usual stuff, but no joy. I still had a connection through the side that was still working, but that resulted in only half of the speed that I was supposed to have. I put in a repair ticket. Here’s where the problem showed up. 

Their technicians work from 0700 until 1800. But they refuse to attempt even a first half or second half of the day appointment time. They will call (automated, with no ability to speak to anyone) the night before to give you an estimated four hour window. When they called me to tell me that my estimated window for the following day was 1315-1715, I called back to request rescheduling, seeing as how I work second shift and leave the house at 1400. 

They said that they would change it to the following day. Dude still showed up on the original day, at 1545, while I was at work. He supposedly verified service to the outside of the house, and left a note saying to call back if I still had problems. So I did. I begged them to find a way to get someone out during the time that I would be home. 

I’m sorry, but our technician appointments are any time from 7AM to 6PM. 

That’s all I could get. No attempt to accommodate my needs. So, after talking myself out of it multiple times over the last year or so, I finally pulled the trigger on satellite Internet. They install on Friday. As soon as it is operational, Windstream can go fuck themselves.  

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