Pain, Pain, Go Away!

When I started running, I had a fair amount of pain from Plantar Fasciitis. As that began to lessen, my calves started to hurt. For a couple of months now, I’ve been in near-constant pain from them. 

Five and a half weeks ago, I went to see a doctor. She diagnosed it as a muscle sprain, and cleared me to keep running, just lay off the speed work while it healed. I’m still waiting for that healing to happen. 

Most days, I can manage the pain with the NSAID Voltaren and cinnamon essential oil. Other days, not so much. It is always the limiting factor in my pace. I have a moderate pain tolerance, but I can only push so far for so long. The last two Mondays have been complete failures, despite a PR last Friday. Wednesday was a solid run, only a few seconds per mile off of last Friday’s pace. Today, I couldn’t do but a mile. I punished myself by making it a PR pace, but since it was only a mile, it hardly counts. 

Will I ever be pain free?

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