Laziness = Pain

This past weekend was a lazy one for me. Except for Saturday’s run, I didn’t do a damn thing between Friday morning and Sunday night. I expected my leg pain to improve from the decrease in activity.  Instead, the opposite was the case. 

By Sunday, I was hobbling around like a ninety year old.  I dreaded every time I had to get out of the chair. The NSAIDs weren’t touching it, and neither was the cinnamon oil. I had planned to run on Monday and Wednesday, then take two days off before the race on Saturday. 

I didn’t sleep worth a shit Sunday night, and Monday morning brought even more pain. I didn’t even consider trying to run. I was seriously worried about being able to get around well enough to do my job. 

But within an hour of starting my shift, most of the pain had subsided.  As long as I kept moving, the pain was minimal. If I sat for any length of time, it came right back.  I guess I have to stay active in order to keep the pain in check.  

This week will be the first two run week since I started this journey. I will run on Wednesday, then run the race on Saturday. I’ll play subsequent weeks by ear, but I will keep going.  I have a big sister to beat, and she’s currently almost twice as fast as I am. 

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2 Responses to Laziness = Pain

  1. nancykrainz says:

    Run little brother run!!!
    Once I get my knee problem properly diagnosed and fixed I plan to attempt to improve my time and set a personal record. At the rate things are going it’s hard to tell when I will be running again. I have my boss involved since he pays half my health care premium and has the power to kick this insurance company to the curb next year at renewal time. He promised me I would be getting the approval for an MRI within a couple of days.

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