Oh, Hill!

I was bragging to a fellow runner at work about my performance on Thursday, and we got to talking about my upcoming race. I can’t find too much information about it online, but one of the things that I did learn was the course record – 16:53. When I shared this number, he commented that it must be a difficult course, and I should expect lots of hills. In response to my confused look, he said that he’s ran a couple with course records in the 15s. 

That 39:45 that I ran a few days ago? Nearly flat. With this new insight, I had to shake things up on Saturday’s run. The park where I run most frequently has several paths where one can run. In addition to the flat, oval area where I ran on Tuesday and Thursday, there are paths with hills. Significant hills. 

On Saturday, I did two circuits on these paths, and finished up on the oval track. I still (barely) beat Tuesday’s time: 

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2 Responses to Oh, Hill!

  1. nancykrainz says:

    They most always throw hills in there!!! Just makes it more fun.
    You are doing such a remarkable job. I am so proud of you!!!!

    • alaskan454 says:

      Fun? Maybe if you are a masochist. Then again, I did three circuits this morning. Not sure what that makes me, besides insane. For the record, I didn’t find it the least bit fun.

      Thanks for the continued support and encouragement. Waiting for good news on your end. Love you!

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