New Romantic Interest

On New Year’s Day of this year, I got a huge shock. I got a message from a lady through an online dating site. Long time readers know how spectacularly I fell on my face a few years back while trying the online dating thing. And everyone knows that women, semi-normal ones at least, just don’t make first contact. 

Consequently, I was extremely skeptical. Her profile looked normal enough, but that doesn’t mean much by itself. So, I cautiously started talking to her. The conversations went well. On 20 January, we finally met in person. This meeting went well, too. 

We’ve continued to communicate and see each other since then. We have a good amount in common. In fact, about the only major clash is the fact that she leans liberal politically. She did vote for the hildebeest in the most recent presidential election, but said that it wasn’t an easy decision. When it comes right down to it, she’s not all that into politics. And we’ve gone out while I was carrying the Alaskan openly, and she never blinked. In fact, I don’t think she noticed, although she knew beforehand that I was going to. 

I won’t get into all the particulars, but let’s just say that we enjoy each other’s company. I’m not in love, and we haven’t bumped uglies yet. But there is definitely potential there. 

She’s a little more than two years older than me, and is financially stable and independent, with a late model car and a nice, new home. She’s a salaried retail manager, and has been with her employer for more than twenty years. She’s never been married, and has no biological children, although she is close with three that she was nanny for when she was younger (all now adults, with their own families). She seems as sane and level-headed as any woman on the planet. Which may or may not be saying a whole lot. 

In other words, not the kind of woman that I usually end up trying to have a relationship with. But considering my history, that’s probably a good thing. Time will tell. 

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9 Responses to New Romantic Interest

  1. nancykrainz says:

    I feel good about this one. I have never felt positive about any of your other romantic ventures.
    I wish you all the best!!

  2. Wraith says:

    Sounds stable. This is a good thing. And I’m exceedingly glad that you’re approaching this with caution.

    Now, when you have a few hours to spare, take an unflinching look at all your past relationships. The less she has in common with these women, on every and any level, the better the chance of this working out.

    Good luck, bro.

    • alaskan454 says:

      Thanks. About the only thing she has in common with the other women who have passed though my life is the fact that she is biologically female.

      • lpcard says:

        About the only thing M has in common with L is biology as well, they are about as different as two human females can be.

  3. Jin Chiang says:

    Here’s some relevant reading material.

    How to pick your life partner:

  4. The Old Man says:

    God bless and good luck, amigo.

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