It saddens me greatly to have to write this post. Last night, for the first time in ten weeks, I failed to complete one of my workouts. My calves hurt significantly after my last workout, but aside from it being both of them this time, that was nothing new. In the past, by the time two days had passed, I’d recovered enough to power through my next run. Not this time. 

My right calf  (the original problem child) had been giving me enough trouble during the day that I’d considered postponing the run for twenty-four hours anyway. In the end, I decided to maintain the schedule, but do a conservative, somewhat abbreviated workout. I would walk at a 20:00 pace for five minutes to warm up, then run for twenty minutes at a 12:00 pace (slowing to no slower than 15:00 if absolutely necessary), and cool down for five minutes at 20:00. Thirty minutes. It shouldn’t have been a problem. 

The warm-up was the only part of my plan that went right. Both calves were bitching loudly by the time I transitioned to running. I managed about three minutes at 12:00 before dropping to 15:00. Less than five minutes later, I had to slow to a walk. I even had to keep slowing the walk speed so I could keep going. When the distance read 1.00 miles, I stopped the treadmill and hobbled out to my car. That single mile took 17:15. 

When I got home, I found my order of cinnamon essential oil that commenter bbuddha recommended on my front porch. I mixed it with cold-pressed olive oil per her instructions while icing my right calf. The ice helped some, as it usually does, but the pain was still on the high end of “moderate”. I honestly didn’t expect the concoction to help any more than the minimal relief that rubbing alone brings, but I was willing to try anything. I rubbed it into my skin, and the relief was immediate! The area was still tender, but the pain was gone

I’m still short half a workout for this week, but I’m going to let it slide. And I’m going to wait until Tuesday before trying again. But at that point, it’s balls to the wall. I have less than four weeks until race day. 

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