Something Other Than 5K

I’ve talked about my Parker Sonnet pen here several times.  Several weeks ago, I gave it a bath after yet another failed attempt with a different ink. After it dried, I stuck a cartridge of black Quink in it, and once the ink had made it to the nib, I capped it and forgot about it.  I figured it would dry out over the next few weeks, but since I’m not overly fond of the Quink, I didn’t care. 

A couple weeks later, I needed a pen for something, and it was the only one at hand. I tried it, knowing that not only would it not work, but it would be so clogged up that it would need another bath before it would write a full word without skipping. I was wrong. It skipped, but it did write. 

I took a tissue and gave the nib a quick wipe, hoping to clear it well enough to finish writing whatever it was that made me pick it up in the first place.  To my amazement, it wrote smoothly for the remainder of the task. 

The real surprise came yesterday. I saw the pen, knew it’d been laying there untouched for at least a week, but decided to try it anyway. Immediate line, smooth, no skips. Color me shocked. Maybe it just needed to be properly broken in. If it continues to behave consistently, it might wind up a favorite after all. My only complaint with it, when it actually writes, is the width of the line. Its EF nib is actually a narrow medium. Otherwise, it’s perfect. 

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  1. Parker pens tend to be somewhat wet writers. I never had the issues with reliability that you’ve had.

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