Monday of this week certainly lived up to its name and reputation. 

I was (and still am) sick. Just your basic everyday sinus infection that hit me on Friday last, and started moving into my chest on Monday. Thus adding coughing fits to my symptoms. Unfortunately, the only antibiotic I had in the house was cipro, which might work against anthrax, but doesn’t do fuck all to most bacteria that cause such infections. I’m taking it anyway, since it is all I have. 

One of my chickens was missing when I went out to feed and water them on my way out the door to work. If it’s the one I think it is, she was close to the top of the pecking order, and showed no signs of physical or emotional problems. At least not any more than all of my “defective” birds do. There were no signs of an attack or struggle, and both the poultry netting and electric fence were fully intact. I guess she simply flew away. She remains at large. 

Work sucked, due to my illness, a slightly higher than average level of general suckage, and the need to start planning coverage and plan of attack for this coming weekend’s maintenance event. And because a quarter of my team decided it would be a good day to not come to work. 

It was workout day, and I was forced inside and onto a treadmill due to weather and schedule. And I only made it a little over a mile and a half before I had to take a walk interval, thanks to my compromised lung function.  See second paragraph above. I did run a little more after that, but I was basically done when I throttled back to a walk. I still haven’t completed a full five kilometers in training yet, and the race is only five weeks from this coming Saturday.  

Earlier in the day, I placed an order for some furniture through Amazon. The third party seller, whom I contacted prior to placing the order to clarify some delivery concerns, called me shortly thereafter. For some stupid reason, they felt the need to confirm my delivery address and telephone number (the one that they called to leave me this message, the stupid shits). They also told me that the Amazon delivery estimate of seven to ten calendar days was inaccurate. It will be between ten and fourteen business days. Something they couldn’t be bothered to tell me during the conversation I had with them before I submitted the order. Which makes me question the accuracy of the information that they gave me that I based the order on. 

I tried to call them back less than an hour later, but the person who took my call told me that the individual that I needed to speak to had gone home for the day. I  sent the information through Amazon’s message system, and they replied, saying that my order is now being processed. So much for “in stock” and delivery within a week and a half. This has the potential to go really sideways. If it does, I’ll tell you all about it, including the name of the seller. I might anyway, even if the rest of the deal goes well. 

After work, for the first time in quite some time, I came home to an empty house. Dear Niece had been staying with me since summer-ish, but started her trek north on Saturday. She has things to do, dogs waiting for her, and I need to figure out what my new normal is and get used to it. But it was nice to have someone around that I can put up with. 

Although technically Tuesday at that point, I had to go to bed as soon as I got home.  Do not pass go, do not drink copious amounts of alcohol. Go. To. Bed. They scheduled me for an early training class at work the next morning. But no remedy that I tried, either pharmaceutical or homeopathic, relieved my coughing enough to allow me to get to sleep and stay there. A miserable end to an otherwise miserable day.

It could’ve been worse, though. 

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2 Responses to Monday

  1. Johnny Reb says:

    Cipro is kinda one of the “last resort” antibiotics, strong stuff. Works well, but damn it makes my wrists and ankles and knees hurt.

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