More 5K Rambling

I have one week left in the Couch-to-5K (C25K) program, and seven weeks until the race. 

My mid-week workout this week was another good one. I drove over to a park with a walking/fitness trail, and did my twenty-five minutes there. I remembered to wait until I started to jog to start my MapMyWalk app: 1.93 miles in 25:02, which comes out to an average pace of 12:58 per mile. 

I didn’t have another 1.2 miles at that pace left in the tank, but it was an encouraging step – a new course, and a slightly faster pace than my estimate for Monday’s workout.  

Workout number three for the week (this morning) sucked a bit. Weather forced me back inside and onto the treadmill. For those who missed it the first dozen times that I said it, “Treadmills suck!” A 15:00 pace was the best I could manage. A treadmill doesn’t allow you to alter your pace without breaking your concentration, at least momentarily, to adjust the machine. Running outside makes it harder to gauge your pace in real time, but allows easy speed adjustments without breaking stride or concentration.  

Next week, I have two twenty-eight minute runs and a thirty minute run as the final workout. After that, I’m on my own to decide what I need to work on to truly be ready for race day. I’ve been very careful to follow the program to the letter, and I need to define goals for the last six weeks to maintain the structure. Speaking of which, I think I’ll work on that now. 

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