Shoe Success… Maybe

Yesterday, I went to a semi-nearby Red Wing shoe store in an attempt to find some work boots that actually fit. And hopefully will last longer than three months. 

I let them go through their routine. I stood on their fancy measuring device, then told the salesman the relevant particulars about my job. The first pair he brought out was comfortable, and the recommended insole seemed to give the support and cushion that I need. I wore them home. 

They are made in China, which worries me, but they do come with a one year warranty. He assured me that if the soles split, or if I have other problems like those I’ve experienced with the cheap Wolverines before, they will replace them. They damn well better. I spent slightly more than I did on my Thorogoods. 

Speaking of which, they are currently in the shop waiting for a chemical resistant pair of soles to arrive and be installed. Sixty-five federal reserve notes for the service. But they have served me well, and are more than good enough to keep as a backup. 

I go back to work on Sunday. That will be the real comfort test for the Red Wings. I have a good feeling about them, though. 

Thanks to Heroditus Huxley and Odysseus for the recommendation. 

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4 Responses to Shoe Success… Maybe

  1. Odysseus says:

    Glad you found some that fit, if it’s an official Red-wing store I think they’re supposed to clean your boots once a month(if you bring them in) and replace your laces ass needed as well. I guess it depends on how semi-nearby they are.

    • alaskan454 says:

      Thanks again for the suggestion. It is a RW company store, and you are correct about the services offered. Problem is, as you suspected, it’s a little over an hour away. I’ll probably stop by a couple times a year for cleanings and whatnot, but monthly won’t be happening.

  2. Johnny Reb says:

    get another pair of boots and rotate them, then go to the store every two months?

    • alaskan454 says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. I got my Thorogoods back with fresh soles, so those are now my backup pair. Hopefully the RWs will last a year, and I can avoid this dilemma in the future.

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