As The Saying Goes…

Shit’s about to get real. 

I’m two workouts from the halfway point in the Couch-to-5K program. My run intervals for this week are five minutes long. Next week starts with eight minute intervals. By the end of the week, there will be no walking. 

This morning’s workout was run three minutes, walk 90 seconds, run five minutes, walk two and a half minutes, run three minutes, walk 90 seconds, and finally run five minutes. 

My darling sister keeps telling me that it can only get easier. Riiiiight!!! Well, the first three minutes were easy, and considering where I was just three weeks ago, I guess she’s not wrong. I didn’t even get winded enough to initiate my usual breathing routine. 

By the end of the second five minute run, though, all breathing control was gone. I was sucking in air as fast as I could cycle my diaphragm, and praying that the phone would hurry up and vibrate, signaling the beginning of my cool down, before I fell over dead. 

There were new challenges today. I decided to run on the road instead of in my back yard. I’m still convinced that the uphill part of the back yard helps, but the downhill part gives me a regular break that I won’t have on race day. 

Because this area is canine heavy, and since many of B’s friends and family live nearby, I couldn’t go unarmed. I’m not ready yet for combat boots and a slung AR, and neither is my neighborhood. So, I chose my lightest handgun – the S&W scandium. 357. I wedged it into a belly band that I hadn’t used since I worked at BigBoxRetailer over five years ago. 

Everything started out good. It felt snug, and seemed inclined to stay in place. Until I started to run. It only took about ten paces for the entire apparatus to start heading south. I refused to stop, and repositioning it would have only helped briefly anyway. I was on a one-way run instead of laps, and I was already far enough away from the house that I couldn’t just drop it. So, I spent the next twenty-three minutes pulling it up every few seconds. 

Next time, I’m putting suspenders on it.

Throughout this entire journey, I’ve doubted my ability to make the next step. Those doubts persist, but I’m just stubborn enough to force my body to do the impossible. 

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2 Responses to As The Saying Goes…

  1. Johnny Reb says:

    I have found suspenders help quite a bit. Couple years ago I was doing yard work and noticed I was pulling my pants up more than anything else. Caution-They are rough on seats in cars,they scratch the seat where your back touches it.

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