Fatal Flaw

A while back I mentioned having started to use a password manager. It is LastPass. Their free ad-supported version was recently upgraded to include cross-platform synchronization. That was the most important feature for me out of all the bells and whistles included in the premium (paid) version. When I heard that it had become part of the basic version, I signed up. 

Until yesterday, I really liked it. It integrates well with most apps and websites, and easily copies the necessary information to the clipboard for those rare occasions when integration is problematic. The interface is easy to use, and the browser plug-ins work well. But…

Yesterday, my phone took a swim at work in some hexavalent chrome flavored water. While attempting resurrection via a bag of rice, I started to prep and update my backup phone. I loaded LastPass and signed in. 

We don’t recognize the device you are logging in from. Check your email and verify your new location. 

Guess where the new, unmemorized password for my email is. Yep. In my online LastPass vault that I couldn’t access without the password from my LP vault… 

Fortunately, I have more than the one device already verified through LP. But what if I hadn’t? 

A local vault on the failed device obviously wouldn’t have helped. 

Most password reset protocols require access to an alternate email address or a mobile number where a text can be sent. 

So, let’s review. I wouldn’t have been able to access my LastPass vault. Or my email. And I wouldn’t have been able to complete the password reset for my email account because dead phone equals no incoming texts, and no vault access means no passwords for any of my email accounts. Consequently, I would’ve lost access to every account and site I had saved on LP. 

Fatal flaw, indeed. Paper is king. 

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2 Responses to Fatal Flaw

  1. John Matus says:

    Fifty or so years ago Gordon Dickerson, in his Dorsai books, wrote that the soldiers used the simplest of weapons. Spring powered dart shooting guns, because anything more advanced could be interfered with. You are right, paper is king.

  2. I use A LOT of paper. And notecards. And post-its. And ink.

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