Lies! All Lies!

Remember me commenting on my “slow” 6 MPH pace in my Sunday post? As it turns out, that was inaccurate. My source for the information, the S Health app that came preloaded on my phone, is full of shit. 

I don’t know if it uses a default stride length multiplied by the result of a mediocre step counting algorithm, or what. It has a GPS-based mapping option, which I activate during my workouts, but it doesn’t seem to use this data for distance and speed calculations. 

For yesterday’s workout, I tried a different app that does nothing but use GPS data to map and calculate speed and elevation. While it did measure a momentary 6.3 miles per hour, my sustained average while running is right at five miles per hour, or a twelve minute mile. Disappointing, but much more believable. 

But, to my credit, its calculation for elevation says that there is a fifty-eight foot difference in elevation from the bottom of my back yard to the top. Not the twenty-five feet previously reported. 

I know you’re tired of hearing about my fitness journey. Tough shit. At least I’m not chronicling back-to-back failures at online dating like I did a few years ago. 

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5 Responses to Lies! All Lies!

  1. nancykrainz says:

    A 12 minute mile is very respectable at this stage of the game. Give yourself credit. You deserve it.

  2. lowkey says:

    Keep up the good work! I hit 6mph by surprise on my treadmill yesterday. Had to hit the e stop.

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