Fitness Trackers

FaucetCompany offers a $10 monthly credit towards the employee’s share of the medical insurance premium if the employee owns and uses a fitness tracker. So, I bought a cheap-ish one. 

Contrary to the hype, they are little more than glorified pedometers.  Granted, I’ve had mine less than twenty-four hours, but the way these devices work is no secret. They sense movement. That’s it. How each one measures and interprets said movement is the only functional difference between them. 

Some, like mine, have reminders that will prompt you if you’ve been inactive for quite some time. It also has a sleep mode that turns off all prompts and notifications, and monitors movement differently to interpret how deeply you’re sleeping. Okay, so I may find it mildly intriguing. 

One side note. A quick beat-off session is interpreted as something between five and six hundred steps. 

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