At work yesterday and last night, I was subjected to the usual Communist News Network blather that is our only choice in the FaucetCompany break room. I haven’t had much to say this political season, but now that it is over (barring a death or some Electoral College fuckery), I think some comments are in order.

First, full disclosure. The only presidential candidate for which I would have been willing to vote, the Constitution Party’s Darrell Castle, wasn’t on the ballot in my home state. He wasn’t even an approved write-in candidate. Yes, here, hopefuls who don’t qualify as regular candidates must still jump through certain hoops in order to get on a list before any write-in votes cast for them will be counted. Consequently, I did not cast a vote for any presidential candidate in the 2016 general election.

Most of my friends and acquaintences were (or eventually ended up in) the Trump camp. To be completely honest, if forced to choose between the hildebeest and cheeto jesus, I would pick the latter. But I don’t buy his recent conversion to the supposedly conservative side of the table. There’s lots more, but that’s the core of it. 

He promised lots of things while campaigning. Repeal Zer0Care, which would mean that the government would give back something that they had taken control of, and when was the last time that happened? And something about building a wall. Which he can’t do without funding, which would require congressional support. But there is one thing that he promised that is mostly within his ability. Lock Hillary’s ass up. 

The president picks who will be in charge of the (in)justice department, and has lots of influence as to who gets a microscope shoved up their ass and who gets a pass. Guess who is getting a pass from president-elect toupee “to allow her to heal”. Yep. Exactly two weeks after the election, he’s backpedaling at full speed. 

When I shared the article on the book of faces, a friend shared a theory that he’d heard on the subject. Long story short, the left eats their own and if Trump goes after her she becomes a martyr. Except I don’t buy it. 

First of all, the left eats their own? Since when? Occasionally, the repubs will censure a member of their ranks if they get caught fucking up really spectacularly. But the left? Hil could assassinate a thousand  $MINORITIES on live TV, and the media would spin it into something heroic, her supporters wouldn’t blink, and the party would turn a blind eye. 

And about the martyr thing. If holding someone accountable for their actions under established, reasonable law is a bad idea because some would see the criminal as a martyr, then the country is beyond hope. The only choice that remains is, in the words of Ellen Ripley, “…take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”

Time will tell how many of his other promises were blatant lies. I’m betting that the final tally will be most of them

When does the next ship leave for Grainne? 

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1 Response to Politics

  1. lpcard says:

    FTR, he wasn’t my first (or second, or third, or…) choice either, and I trust him about as far as I trust any of the rest of them.

    I was mildly peeved myself to hear him give her a blanket pardon…but then again, I wasn’t expecting to see her in a prison jumpsuit regardless of his throwaway lines during the debates.

    Whatever happens, he’s got to be better than what we have right now, and for the time being he seems to be pissing off all the right people so I guess that’s good enough for now.

    And if not…see you on the berm.

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