Breakfast for Dinner 

Last night, I decided to have sausage, eggs and toast as my after work meal. The same sausage that I’ve been eating for years turned my stomach. I haven’t enjoyed it much the last few times I’ve eaten it as patties, although it’s good in recipes. I assumed it was because I had been frying up a pound of it at a time, and that’s admittedly a lot of grease. 

This time, I only made four patties. Halfway through the first one, my stomach started to express its displeasure. It sometimes does that briefly when I start eating after not having eaten for a while, so I kept going. For dessert, I had to have a couple gulps of The Pink Liquid. Bummer.

I guess I’ll have to stick with bacon as my breakfast meat, and just use sausage in recipes. 

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4 Responses to Breakfast for Dinner 

  1. hollychism says:

    Heartburn or sick from grease? If the former…can’t really suggest anything. If the latter, then find yourself a good hard apple cider, and drink that with the meal. It helps.

  2. Johnny Reb says:

    I have diverticulitis, colitis, ibs and have to think about what I eat to avoid getting really painful stomach cramps. Getting old is grand.
    Get yerself checked by a gastrointestinal dr.

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