I didn’t realize that it had been so long since I posted something. 

I’m a couple weeks past our annual maintenance shutdown, which went rather well this year. 

Dear niece has been with me for the better part of two months. It’s been nice, having the house clean itself and the food cook itself. She’s making noises about going back home before long, so I’ll be back to a messy house and frozen dinners soon. 

I’m still working my financial recovery plan, and it’s going well.  Even though I did skip a few weekly gold purchases to buy a new gun. 

It’s a S&W 340PD – a scandium and titanium j-frame .357 Magnum. It is by far the most unpleasant weapon I’ve ever shot. It draws blood from the web of the shooter’s hand with every cylinder fired. However, it can be concealed almost anywhere, and goes almost unnoticed by the wearer due to the extremely light weight. It weighs less than twelve ounces unloaded and only 14.7 ounces fully loaded with five 158 grain full power loads. That’s twenty percent lighter than the KelTec PF9 that I’ve been using as my deep cover gun for years. 

I took it to the range last weekend. For me, it shoots high and left, so much so that at ten yards, POI is at the edge of the reduced silhouette’s shoulder when aiming dead center. Shooting Buddy put holes much closer to POA than I could. I figure I won’t need it past about half of that distance, so I’ll live with it. 

It’s been hot as balls around here for over a month. Mercury hits the mid-nineties daily with heat indexes well into triple digits. My yard is more jungle than anything else because it’s been too damn hot to try to mow. Eighty by 0800, and holding upper eighties past sunset. 

B emailed me a couple months ago. She didn’t say much, just tried to initiate a conversation.  I ignored her. She gave up after two or three attempts. Until this past weekend, when she sent me a “Hi” through the book of faces. That got ignored, too. 

I’ve switched over to Linux Mint from Ubuntu as of early this year. Mint is built from Ubuntu, but has its own unique appearance and allows easy customization beyond anything the latest version of Ubuntu would permit without way too much effort. I highly recommend it. 

That’s about it for now. 

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6 Responses to Wow!

  1. lowkey says:

    Glad you are on an agreeable trajectory.

  2. Steve says:

    HI Grumpy,
    It’s good to hear from you again, and hear that the life arc has improved for you. Hopefully, it’ll continue to do so.

  3. lpcard says:

    It really was a disagreeable weapon to shoot. We’re gonna have to do it again real soon.

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