Soggy Summer

Officially, summer is still a ways out. In reality, it’s already here. It’s averaged highs in the upper 80s this month,  which is 15-20 degrees warmer than normal. Yesterday, I broke down and turned on the air conditioning. I can’t sleep when I’m drowning in a pool of sweat, which starts to happen at 84-85 degrees.

As unpleasant as the heat is, especially for a fat man like me, there’s something familiar and almost comforting about summer. FaucetCompany is notorious for extreme heat index numbers in the plant. It’s not there yet, but yesterday the temperature at the load side of my machine was 88. Up on the machine where I live, near thousands of gallons of heated baths and hot air from parts dryers, it is always much worse. Thing is, I wasn’t sweating much. So much for my plans to move to Wyoming and retire. I’ll never be able to adapt to the cold now.

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