Last weekend, I attended an Open Carry lunch with my best friend, his new wife, and seven other folks, a couple of whom I’d met at previous meetups. It was an interesting day.

First, my best friend. From all indications, he and his wife still like each other. Quite a bit. She took a little longer in the bathroom after our arrival than expected, and I caught him looking at her empty chair longingly. Kinda like a lost puppy. They probably even have sex. At their age. Scandalous!

On the way to the event, I had to pass several landmarks that triggered memories. First was the exit that I would take when going to visit the woman known here on the blog as Ladyfriend from late 2012. Then there was the restaurant where B and I took her father and little sister for his birthday almost two years ago. Then there was the fairgrounds where B and I went to see Toby Keith, also in 2014. My feelings were mixed, but mostly it was positive – remembering good times.  I have to admit that there was a little pang of sadness that those times are over.

It was an enjoyable time. My hearing aids aren’t a perfect solution, and I still miss pieces of what is being said. But even with a moderate amount of background noise, I was able to follow conversations at the far end of the table that would have been impossible before. Food was good – pizza, pasta and salad buffet. I had to go to work afterwards, but the bills must be paid.

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2 Responses to Musings

  1. lpcard says:

    However bad you think it is…it’s worse. She’s got me eating vegetables and going to the doctor and everything. It’s sad to see how far a man like myself has let himself go. For Spring Break she had the week off, and since I was working she went to PA and spent the week with her mother. It’s ridiculous how much I missed her while she was gone.

    Yes, I am pathetic.

    (Edit: especially since you’re the one that told me to go so you wouldn’t have to tackle the “honey do list”!!! M)

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