Windstream Communications

My home phone and Internet service are provided by Windstream. They suck, but are my only option besides satellite. Considering the bandwidth restrictions with satellite, I chose Windstream.

In an effort to decrease the amount of paper that I deal with every month, I opted for paperless billing with them a few months ago. I didn’t give it any more thought until I got a disconnect notice last month. I looked at my bank account and realized that I hadn’t paid them anything the previous month, so I immediately sent a payment out for the past due amount on the notice. I intended to follow up and try to find the “bill ready” email that I obviously missed, but I got distracted and promptly forgot about it. Until I got another disconnect notice the day before yesterday.

I called and demanded to know what the fuck was going on. Long story short, they don’t send an e-mail notice when your bill is ready after you switch to paperless billing. They just turn off the paper bills. They said that there is a way to sign up for email alerts that will notify you when your bill is ready, but it’s not part of the paperless enrollment. You have to remember to log in and view it on your own. And for some reason, the amount varies slightly every month, so it’s not possible to schedule the same amount on the same day and forget about it.

Yes, you read that correctly. These stupid motherfuckers expect you to remember when your bill is ready to be viewed, log in, verify the amount due, and pay it. I don’t know about you, but I have way too many bills to remember unassisted when each one is due. For the record, there is no need to sign up to get “upgrade your service” advertisements from them. I get those all the time.

Shit like this makes me reconsider satellite.

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2 Responses to Windstream Communications

  1. I don’t do a whole lot of check writing anymore. Everything is set up for autodraft. I just make sure that there’s sufficient funds, and don’t worry about the rest.

    Is that at all possible here, or is it just…that much of a cluster-fuck of a badly managed company?

    • alaskan454 says:

      Haven’t looked into it. I prefer to manually schedule the payments if the amount varies at all. Plus, l like to schedule all my bills on Thursday (payday) so my balance doesn’t change from Friday until Wednesday night. Yes, I know. I’m weird.

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