Technology, Again

Reason #915,348,672 why I hate people. Especially those with criminal tendencies. I’m no angel, but identity theft and credit card fraud really piss me off.

I love technology. I spend a lot of time using the internet, my PC, and phone. I hate that I have to upgrade, both hardware and software, on a regular basis. This is mandatory in order to stay ahead of the jackasses who can’t be bothered to get a real job, but instead find new ways to steal other people’s money. Instead of just fixing security holes as they are identified, software developers insist on writing whole new operating systems that neither look nor act like what I’ve gotten used to. Everyone is guilty of this – Windoze, Mac, Linux.

I used Ubuntu 10.04 for years. I’d gotten used to it, learned the features and quirks, and was happy. Then shit started to not work any more. I upgraded to 14.04, and not only was it a resource hog compared to 10.04, but everything was different. It just looked wrong no matter what customization options I chose. The maximize/close window controls were on the left instead of the right, and there was no way to change it. The ability to label folders within file manager was gone. They changed so many of the standard packages that I didn’t recognize anything. But I didn’t have a choice.

PC hardware is somewhat less susceptible to true obsolescence than software. My seven year old PC still has the stones to run current software efficiently, although that will probably not be the case for more than a few more years.

Smartphones are another animal, though. My Android 2.X phone with 4GB onboard and 8GB SD-card did everything I needed. Until a couple applications that I used regularly required Android 4.X or higher to run. Since my phone was locked into its original OS version by Straight Talk, I chose an 8GB model without an SD slot, and it did well for about a year, until I sweated too profusely one time too many while it was in my pocket.

I bought another unit with 8GB internal, an SD slot and Android 5.X. I figured I’d be golden for years. Although the specs were slightly better than my 4.X machine, it ran like shit if I had more than one or two apps open. And the 32GB SD card was useless because they’d changed the rules and only certain things could be put there. For security reasons, most of the stuff must use internal storage.  The OS already took up more space, and with every update, apps got larger. It wasn’t long before the 8GB was used up. When I had to update something, I had to first choose which app to delete in order to make room. The SD card was still almost empty, despite having moved everything there that I could move. And I had less than twenty optional apps total before I had to start deleting shit, so it’s not like I downloaded every app that sounded cool.

I just ordered a 64GB Samsung Galaxy S6. I wonder how long it will be before necessary updates will clog it up and have it running like a snail.

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  1. Linux Mint. Highly recommended.

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