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Well, it looks like I won’t have to worry about the Team Lead position that I mentioned a couple weeks ago. It was announced shortly before noon today that the guy who told me that he needed me in the position “effective immediately, is no longer employed by FaucetCompany”. Rumors abound, but no official details have been released. As it turned out, he had already begged pretty much every other operator with more than two years of experience to take the position before he got to me. They all told him to go fuck himself. He didn’t really want me, he just ran out of other options. So he said what he needed to say to get me to agree. He was the one to push for the creation of the positions anyway. Now that he’s gone, I doubt if they will ever be posted. Many celebrate his departure. I’m glad he’s gone. He was an idiot, a shitty manager, and freely admitted treating his wife like shit. But I can’t bring myself to celebrate his termination. He has a family. I’ve been fired before. It sucks.

Either the Chinese food that I had for lunch, the rum/Dr. Pepper I sipped all afternoon, or the hot dogs and pretzels that I had instead of dinner didn’t agree with me on Sunday. I spent the night with a bloated, upset stomach, doing shots of Pepto-Bismol every few minutes, trying to sleep and wishing that the pain would go away. Not much rest was had.

We’re still fighting process issues following last week’s maintenance event on my machine at work. Fortunately, the problem has been deemed above my skill level, so I don’t have to worry about it. The engineers get to earn their pay for a change. It bugs me, though. I take pride in my machine, and I get extra grumpy when it produces scrap.

I got my hearing aids yesterday. I find it hard to believe that what I’m hearing now is what normal people hear all the time. They are susceptible to wind noise, and indiscriminately amplify all sounds in the programmed frequency ranges. I’m still getting used to the new input. I ordered pizza less than an hour after I got them kind of as a test in a noisy environment. But mostly because I wanted pizza. I got a mixed result. On one hand, the voices were clearer. But at the same time, the exhaust fans and other higher frequency background noise was amplified also. The net result was only a slightly better experience. I expect more improvement as my brain gets used to all the extra noise and is able to interpret things better. In other news, my keyboard clacks really loudly now.

Domino’s screwed up payment for my aforementioned order when I went to pick it up. I ordered a little over twenty dollars worth of food. Somehow, the girl at the counter ran my card for $8.55. I pointed it out as I was getting ready to sign the receipt. She didn’t know what to do. After a couple minutes, the manager decided that fixing it would be more trouble than he wanted to go through.  He told me to sign the charge slip as printed, and the rest would be on them. I asked if he was sure. He was. I offered no further argument or resistance.

Do you realize that in most places, the largest single cost for a gallon of regular gasoline at the moment is taxes? In North Carolina, federal and state taxes combined total $0.5365 per gallon. On my way home from work today, the price at the pump was $1.699. Expressed as a percentage of the pre-tax amount, that is over forty-six fucking percent. Fuck the damn government. The exact numbers vary depending on who you talk to, but on average, the crude oil costs about 30-35 cents, refining costs 40-45 cents, and distribution/marketing costs the remaining 35 cents.

I’ve been very tired recently. No energy to do anything more than read or surf the net after work. I need to get cracking on my exercise plan. I know I’d feel better if I were healthier. But I lack the motivation or energy to get there. At least I’m not having trouble sleeping nearly as often as before. Speaking of which, it’s bedtime. Y’all have a good evening.

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  1. I have no sympathy for a guy who tried to force you into a job you did not want. Lily won’t shut up and sleep so that is all for now. Love ya! xoxoxo

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