Monday All Week

I should not have taken vacation on Monday. Karma is making sure that I don’t miss the festivities.

Yesterday while I was on break, my machine dropped a rack of parts and the rookie relief operator didn’t notice. The machine continued to cycle until it stacked thirteen racks into the same tank and the chassis could no longer reach the lower transfer level. It took five operators and two maintenance technicians almost an hour and a half to un-fuck it, repair the damage, and get it restarted.

Today, I started out with a crash (only one rack this time), and things have steadily gotten worse. Temperature issues. Contaminated final rinse tank. Process issues reminiscent of the problem that plagued us for several days a couple weeks ago. At this point, they’re threatening to stop the machine and “do some work” which almost always means that my day is going to get a lot more unpleasant.

I can’t wait to see what fun tomorrow will bring. 

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