That Was Enjoyable

I finally got around to clearing off my workbench and the area in front of it. That allowed me to engage in a favorite pastime that I haven’t been able to do in several years:


That is one hundred rounds of freshly loaded .454 Casull ammunition. It is a test load that I hope will become my standard 454 target load.

The .454 calls for 0.452″ projectiles, not the more common 0.451″ projectiles used in the 45 ACP. It’s difficult to find non-premium 452 bullets, and I can’t see burning up Hornady XTPs or similar for target practice. Also, I already have plenty of 451 in various flavors. I’m counting on that 0.001″ not making much difference in a range round.

I had to estimate the powder charge since my bullets weigh 230 grains, and the lightest cast bullet for which I can find 454 Casull load data is 250 grains. Lighter projectiles get more powder, so I took the load data for the 250 and rounded it up to the next full grain of powder, which should be plenty safe. I won’t publish the details, in case I’m wrong and the gun blows up when I fire the first one.

I’m meeting Mr. and Mrs. Range Partner next Saturday, and I haven’t had any target ammo for the Alaskan in over a year. Well, I have some, but the powder got fucked up somewhere along the line, and one in ten are squibs. I’ve kinda been avoiding that.

In addition to the Alaskan, I’m taking my AR so I can dial in the holo sight. Annie will be accompanying me, as well. I’m in the mood for recoil, and I like to have the range to myself. The 338 Lapua Magnum is pretty good at producing both giggle inducing recoil and range emptying concussion.

Off to find something else productive to do. Y’all have a good weekend.

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4 Responses to That Was Enjoyable

  1. lpcard says:

    Well crap. Sorry the weather didn’t co-operate.

  2. lpcard says:

    reminds me…I need to load some .45ACP, but first I need to find some powder.

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