Here is the PG version of a review that I posted a few moments ago. I had to suppress a lot of profanity, but since I have already done so, I will leave it as is.

Last week, I placed an order from using my secure VPN connection, which I use almost exclusively. This connection terminates overseas, although I live in the US. They didn’t seem to like this, and wanted to confirm my order because it appeared to originate outside the US – even though the credit card billing address matched the shipping address, all of which was verified by my bank.

However, instead of contacting me via email or the telephone number that I provided, they found an old telephone number that I haven’t used in a decade and called me on that number. That number is now used by my ex-wife. She called me and asked why this company was contacting her to try to find me. It was not a pleasant conversation.

I contacted Gettington try to sort all this out, and they hid behind their policy. First, they wouldn’t talk to me at all until I gave them the last four digits of my SSN, although I had never provided it to them in the first place. Presumably, they got it when they did a pre-screen pull of my credit before sending me their catalog. Then I asked about the telephone call. “We didn’t call you using the telephone number that you provided because we couldn’t verify that it was yours.”

Of course they couldn’t. It is a prepaid phone that I use for the same reasons that I use the VPN service – to protect my privacy. And before you dismiss me as one of those paranoid people, remember how many large companies and departments within the government who have had breaches recently that have resulted in customer data being accessed by unauthorized people.

Supposedly, they verified my order, and it is supposed to be in transit. Be sure that I will never do business with this company again, and I strongly recommend that you avoid them as well.

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