Grumpy Might Not Die

This week. Of heart disease. Maybe.

Last month FaucetCompany had their annual health fair, complete with blood screening. If you recall, last year’s results weren’t all that good. Glucose and triglycerides were in spec, and my “good” cholesterol was only one point below the recommended range. But my “bad” cholesterol was 434, with an upper limit of 130.

This year, my glucose is close to the upper limit, but still in spec. Triglycerides remain good. “Good” cholesterol has dropped to six points below the recommended minimum, but “bad” cholesterol is now 140. While technically high, with a maximum of 130, it’s a shitload better than 434.

Not sure how it happened. I’m still as obese as I was last year, within a few pounds, anyway. And my lifestyle hasn’t changed much. I’ll take it, though.

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