i haz a sad

My favorite pen is the Pilot 78G. The Lamy is a sentimental favorite, because it began my fountain pen journey. The Chinese pens are pretty, and write well, but just don’t speak to me. The Parker Vectors are hands down the best utilitarian pens that I own. But my heart belongs to the Pilot.

I acquired two extras shortly after I bought the first one and discovered just how much I liked it. One took flight within a few months, so I tried to be protective of the remaining two. But I did use them. A second escaped from my badge lanyard last week.

Somehow, the main part of the pen came unscrewed from the cap and dropped, presumably into the witch’s brew of corrosive, toxic and otherwise unpleasant chemicals that live in the pit underneath of my machine. And then there was one.

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3 Responses to i haz a sad

  1. Looks like ebay still has some for sale at reasonable prices.

    I think if I lost ANY of my pens thataway, I’d cry. Literally. In public. As soon as I noticed. And I don’t cry.

    • alaskan454 says:

      Thanks for stopping by. Hope you and Odysseus are well. Bummer about the recent panic attack. I’m proud of how you handled it. Glad everything turned out OK.

      I assume the pen ended up in the pit. One minute I had it, and the next minute all I had was the barrel. I looked, but never found it. I didn’t cry, but I certainly wasn’t happy.

      I checked ebay not long afterward, and was pleased that there is still availability, and the prices aren’t too much higher than when I bought mine. I’ll hold off on replacing it for now, though. Too many other things competing for my income.

      • I have to say, panic attacks are not fun. I may be used to them, but…yeah. Thanks for the encouragement.

        Odysseus is doing end of last month accounting for the local hospital he’s working for. He’s enjoying the work, but this is the busy time for him. He had a blast taking the kids trick-or-treating on Saturday, despite the chilly, damp weather.

        Those particular pens are PRETTY. I’m considering springing for one or two. But yeah, you’re right–we got other stuff clamoring for the cash right now, too.

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