Well, Hell!

I got stuck working some overtime since my last post, and I had planned to invest some of those earnings into a IWB holster for my Taurus 617. I’m not a fan of IWB carry, but it’s the best deep concealment option that I’ve found.

First, I checked out Evyl Robot, since I’m already one of his satisfied customers. He’s not accepting new orders, due to a massive backlog. Because I’m a previous customer, and because he’s a nice  guy, I probably could have talked him into taking my money, but with a likely lead time of ten weeks or more, what’s the point?

Sunrise Leather, where I obtained the holster that has been home for the Alaskan for the past decade, is also not taking new orders.

Shooting Buddy has a Fugly and a gun belt from Dragon Leatherworks that he can’t say enough good things about. I emailed Dennis, but he can’t (or won’t) build one for the 617. His reply when I asked was simply, “No, sorry.” He must have plenty to do, too. His decision to limit his reply to two words ensured that I won’t disturb him for any future leather needs, despite his reputation. Not that he gives a shit. Or would, if he knew.

Privateer Leather was the last on my list of folks I’ve done business with in the past, or are recommended by someone whose opinion I trust. Wes took the time to explain that no one seems to make a mold for the 617, or any other Taurus revolver for that matter. He put out feelers for any 617 owners local to him, but has not found anyone yet. I doubt that he will, since it’s not a popular model.

I appreciate the time that he took to explain why he couldn’t help me, and the effort he made on my behalf. He will be my first call the next time. Hopefully, he’ll stay busy enough to be successful, but not so busy that he has to put a moratorium on new orders like others have done.

At that point, it seemed like I was going to be stuck with an off-the-rack model. There aren’t many of those out there, either. Maybe I should’ve bought a Smith, but if I remember correctly, when I bought the 617, S&W was busy playing footsie with the first Clinton administration.

I found exactly three. All three are single clip with zero forward cant. One is obviously not tuckable, which is an important feature for me. Tuckability for the other two was indeterminate. Both were listed on Amazon, where the option to ask a question exists. 

On each, I asked if the model was tuckable. That makes sense, right? I mean, what else could be meant by that question for an IWB holster? Six people answered. Only one knew what I was asking, and responded in the negative. The other five, one of whom was either the vendor or the maker, thought I was asking if I could tuck it inside my pants.

How the fuck else would one wear an inside the waistband holster, if not tucked inside the waistband of one’s britches? I need to know if I can tuck my fucking shirt in between the holster and my pants, or if the clip would prevent such action. Dumbasses!

Even after I elaborated on the question, there was confusion. Either I’m an idiot, or people are stupid. Or both.

Since the last holster is made by the same company, and is simply a nylon cousin of the leather one now known not to be tuckable, I assume that it isn’t either.

It looks like I won’t be doing any deep concealed carry with the 617. Anybody wanna trade for a J-frame .357?

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4 Responses to Well, Hell!

  1. freddyboomboom says:

    Using my experience with people as the baseline for my response, I would say that people are stupid.

  2. lpcard says:


    He made the holster (and matching gun belt) for Grand-dad’s High Standard and for the Sig, I don’t know if he can do an IWB holster or not but it might be worth a shot to shoot him an email. Tell him GGE sent ya.

  3. Brass says:

    I know Alien Gear makes an IWB for the Taurus 85, you could give them a shout.


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