Poor Performance

I’ve whined several times about my beloved KelTec PF-9’s tendency to lose its magazine during carry. I still haven’t gotten around to taking a dremel to the release button, and it spit out the mag again during my date the other night. The issue went unnoticed until I had returned home and was undressing for bed.

I’m beginning to think that maybe it’s something about me instead of the gun, though. I say this because after I finished mowing the grass last week, the magazine in my Glock 20 had come unlatched and was sticking out about half an inch. The yard is uneven, and I admit that I was running hard, but I am of the opinion that no amount of bouncing or jostling should cause the magazine to inadvertently exit the gun.

Neither gun has been modified in any way. The PF-9 lives in an Evyl Robot tuckable IWB holster (an awesome piece of craftsmanship, by the way) and the Glock 20 in a Safariland 6377 OWB holster, so I can say with near absolute certainty that the holster is not a factor in either instance.

I’ve always been a fan of magnum revolvers, and this experience reinforces that preference. The Alaskan is my usual carry, but I carry the Glock 20 when I want more rounds available, the Glock 29 when I want a smaller open carry gun, and the PF-9 for true concealed carry. Going forward, I will stick with the Alaskan if I anticipate anything more than light physical activity. The PF-9 will be a car gun until I either have time (and remember) to perform the release button modification and test the effectiveness of said modification, or the funds for an OWB holster to see if it performs any better in that configuration.

My only current revolver option for concealed carry is a Taurus 617, which is rather thick, given its seven round cylinder. And I have no holster for it. I have known major expenses ($1K+ each) coming up monthly for ten of the next twelve months, plus the need to save for a new roof to be done as soon as is comfortably possible. That leaves money very tight for quite some time, meaning that there’s no new holster on the hoizon. Fortunately, I seldom have the need for deep concealment, and the Alaskan is fine for OC.

Eventually, I want a scandium S&W .357 j-frame like I had about ten years ago, and a 2 – 4″ .44 magnum of some flavor. I’ll probably have the money by the time NC gets around to eliminating pistol purchase permits. Which might happen by 2025 or so.

I’d love to get the 4″ Colt Anaconda back that I sold to one of my best friends almost two decades ago, but the stubborn fucker refuses to let go of it. Not that it matters. I’m not willing to pay what it’s currently worth anyway.

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2 Responses to Poor Performance

  1. Brass says:

    Are you absolutely positive you’re getting the magazine completely seated when you load it? I have an extended mag release on my Glock and had to take a dremel to two of my holsters, but after that the only time I lost a mag is at the range because I didn’t double check that it was seated all the way. One time my instructor noticed and just laughed and laughed when the drill we were doing went massively awry for me. I tried to reload with my Surefire G2, did not fit in the magwell, and not for lack of trying.

    • alaskan454 says:

      I’m as close to positive as I can be that the mags are fully seated. The Glock issue was a one time thing, so that one may have been operator error. It just left a bad taste in my mouth after my KelTec adventures.

      Thanks for the laugh re the Glock Surefire reload story. ☺

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