House Update

I haven’t written about my still-kinda-new-to-me house in a while. I’ve been extra busy working on it the last few weeks, though. I’m very close to ready to post pictures, but not quite there yet.

The person I criticized here seems to have found a few functioning cells in the part of their brain where good decisions are made, and has corrected their recto-cranial inversion. Consequently, if all goes as planned, in a few days I will have house guests coming to stay for a while. Said house guests include pre-teen children, so sharp, pointy objects, things that go boom, and substances that could cause significant harm if ingested had to be relocated to secure storage. (Before you ask, no, B is NOT moving in with me.)

So, in the last two weeks or so, I’ve relocated my storage building from the old house to the new one, leveled it, and filled it to the rafters. I’ve put down three and a half tons of topsoil to fill holes and level uneven areas in the yard. I also put down border stones, landscape fabric (tip: Preen is excellent, Weed Block is crap) and six tons of pea gravel to make the front walkway and the parking area cleaner. My primary motivation was to decrease the chances that mud will be tracked in when it rains. You know, since I haven’t had time to dig those French drains yet, and it does get wet when there is copious rain.

I also hung and wired a television antenna, to supplement Amazon Prime video for keeping the rugrats and their progenitor entertained.

Inside, I have consolidated my office and gun room, much as it would have been had the original plans in place when I purchased the home actually come to pass. I also transformed the crap storage area into a common office and child play area. I think I located all the guns that I had stashed everywhere, and either moved them into the main safe or added a locking box and left each where it was.

The most labor intensive single indoor project was the installation of locks on the kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors. It’s my own fault, really. I didn’t want anything permanent that couldn’t easily be deactivated. Also, I didn’t want anything tacky or unreliable. Which eliminated pretty much everything that wally world sells.

I decided on Tot Loks, a magnetic locking system that almost looks factory when installed properly, and can easily be disabled. They also require a bit more work to install than “line it up, screw in two screws, and call it done”. The finished product was well worth the effort. And nobody is getting in without ripping the door off. I highly recommend these for anyone with meddlesome spawn and competence with a drill and depth gauge. As with most child locks, they only work with drawers that the inside part of the front is also the front of the drawer itself, as opposed to being a full box with a thin fascia board attached purely for cosmetic purposes. Like most cheap cabinets. Especially those installed in uber cheap mobile homes such as mine.

All that remains is to put together the cheap bookcase and computer station that I ordered to complete the common office area. Then clean.

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