BB&T bank is notoriously anti-gun. They were the first in the area that I saw to post their branches against legal carry. In the address change package that I got after officially clearing my old house, there was a $100 bribe from them. Open an account, meet at least one of a list of requirements ($500 per month of direct deposits was my choice), and after 90 days, free money.

Well, I’m not one to turn down a corporate bribe, so I opened an account online. The system said that the account was opened successfully, as did the welcome letter that I received about a week later. But on the same day that I got the welcome letter, I found myself locked out of my account. I called, and they said that the account was blocked.

My direct deposit had already started, so both my initial deposit and the first paycheck percentage were inaccessible. They said something about not being able to verify something, and that I’d have to go in to a branch to straighten it out. They couldn’t tell me what documentation I would need to bring, and I really didn’t want to make two trips to a fucking victim disarmament zone to find out. 

I hadn’t intended to keep the account active much longer than it was going to take to get the promotional cash anyway. And my first instinct was to close the account and tell them to fuck off. But no. I’m going to cost them money. But now it’s personal. Not only are they stupid when it comes to guns, but they are costing me time, sleep, and gas money. They’re going to pay.

So, I got my most recent electric, water, and internet bills, my car registration, my driver’s license with my new address on it, my passport, and my birth certificate, hoping that some combination of those items would be sufficient. Then I stuck my pistol in my pocket (fuck ’em) and set out to make sure I got my hundred dollars.

Dude got on the phone with corporate. They asked all kinds of questions about overseas travel, previous addresses, and all sorts of shit. Since when do banks know if you travel internationally if you don’t make any purchases while outside the country?

They seemed satisfied with my answers, and took copies of my license and my passport. They assured me that the account would be unblocked and usable within 48 hours. I went back home and went to bed.

I was able to log in two days later, as promised. It’s been over a week since my visit, and the account remains accessible. Now I get to wait the allotted 75-90 days, and see if I get my payoff. As soon as I do, I’m closing the account. In the mean time, I might leave a dollar in there.

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6 Responses to Spite

  1. bbuddha says:

    tell them when you close that you just found out about their “victim disarmament” policy. I keep hoping that if they perceive that it affects their bottom line maybe they’ll wise up.

  2. GarandGal says:

    Just renewed my cwp, only a month late lol I use a big national bank whose local security people have a don’t ask don’t tell policy regarding firearms, and they don’t even have their offices properly posted so by SC law I don’t have to pay the signage any mind. Since I renewed my permit i took the xd9 to the range and ran a few magazines down range. I need new springs on some of my mags. That’s not something I’ve messed with before, so now i have a new thing to look into. I got my cedar blue parker 51 vacumatic, lustraloy cap with a rolled gold blue diamond pocket clip back from the repair guy and it works wonderfully. I frequently find myself running my thumb over the clip without realizing that I had picked it up. This is a habit my mom had, and the clip shows the wear. I assume she picked up the habit from my grandmother, the original owner and assembler of the pen. Guess I’d better start looking for another one before all of the letters on this one are worn away.

    • alaskan454 says:

      My primary bank, despite all their shortcomings otherwise, has yet to post at all. I’ve open carried several times both at branches here in NC as well as when I lived in VA, all without incident.

      Sounds like you’re enjoying your pen. Good luck finding another. I’m wearing out a few, and if I ever have time, I’ll write about them.

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