What A Dumbass

I’ve been converting the lighting in my home to LED recently, ridding myself of the accursed CFL poison that was in most of the fixtures when I took up residency. I think I have eradicated all the evil, except for one floor lamp that is still wrapped up and in a corner somewhere.

Four of those that were replaced were outside flood lights. Key word there, flood. I acquired replacements from multiple sources. One pair was the correct 90W replacement flood lights. The second was, you guessed it, spot light bulbs. All I saw was PAR 38, 100W replacement, outdoor, and daylight in the description. The only real difference is the angle of the beam, but it’s a significant difference. Those bulbs aren’t cheap, so I will just live with it. For the next twenty-two years – assuming that the life expectancy on the box is accurate.

What a fucking dumbass!

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