Secure Communications

Y’all know I hate the damn government with a passion. Nosy motherfuckers. I would like to encourage you all to utilize encrypted communication whenever possible. Encourage your contacts to do the same. Here are my suggested solutions.


TextSecure (Android)
Signal (iPhone)


RedPhone (Android)
Signal (iPhone)


Thunderbird with Enigmail add-on (PC – Linux, Mac or Windows)
APG + K-9 Mail (Android)
iPGMail (iPhone)

[Note that all the above are compatible across platforms. Signal users can call RedPhone users and message TextSecure users securely, and vice versa. Once you have the necessary key, you can exchange encrypted email with anyone using any of the email programs listed.]

General Internet Browsing:

Use an offshore VPN service that does not keep logs (I recommend TorGuard) coupled with TOR, and use a search engine like DuckDuckGo instead of Yahoo, Google, bing, etc. Most big providers link your searches to your “account”, making it easy for .gov to reach out to Google or whomever and get all your emails, search history, and more with a single phone call or subpoena.

Encrypt your smartphone if it isn’t already encrypted by default. Don’t use cloud storage with minimal or no security, or with built-in back doors – at least not without encrypting your data before you upload it (I recommend SpiderOak). Encrypt your hard drives and USB drives. And pick a good, strong passphrase, for fuck’s sake.

The only way to guarantee complete security is to never communicate. Obviously, that is not feasible. The goal is to make it difficult and expensive enough to not be worth the effort. The above recommendations greatly increase the investment necessary for someone to stick their nose where it doesn’t belong.

Whether you have anything to hide or not is irrelevant. It’s none of their fucking business, period.

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