Three More

Following the recommendation of someone who knows, I ordered three more pens. All fine nib Parker Vectors, one each black, dark blue, and red. They’re coming from India, so it will be several weeks before they arrive. I’m still waiting on the two Hero pens that I ordered a week or two ago, too. That shipment originated in China.

The Noodler’s Bulletproof Black ink has arrived, and entered service tonight in one of my Pilot pens. Now when I get overspray from the rinse hose, the log book and hourly log sheet should remain legible. A report will be forthcoming, but based on the drops of water and isopropyl alcohol that I intentionally splashed onto different parts of the page as an initial test, it looks promising.

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8 Responses to Three More

  1. Which Hero models did you order for yourself?

  2. Hero prints their model numbers on the back of the cap. That one is 9296, judging from the bottom picture, and looks very much like the Jinhao 301’s grip and nib section, as well as pen body.

    They write nice, but don’t hold a whole lot of ink.

    I think you’re really going to love your Parkers.

    • alaskan454 says:

      If you’re right about the Hero pens, I’ll probably be happy with them. I like my 301. But to be honest, I don’t dislike any of the ones I’ve bought so far, except for the 450, which was solved by a replacement nib.

      I’m definitely looking forward to getting the Parkers. I just wish I didn’t have to wait. We’re supposed to be living in the time of Instant Gratification™. 🙂 I already received the 5-pack of black Quink cartridges. I decided to try your idea of refilling them until they start leaking. Depending on lifespan, I may order more or I may switch to converters. No more than I write and as many pens as I have, that decision may take a decade to make.

  3. GarandGal says:

    i have some jinhao pens on the way. right now goulet pens has a bogo on their jinhao’s and i took advantage, ordered a 159 and 3 of the x450’s, the free pens will be sparkly x750’s. they also have ink samples 20% off until july 30. i ordered them last night and was emailed the order confirmation today but not the shipment notice that usually follows on the conformations heels, i imagine they are innundated with orders right now. i discovered their ink samples just after i last commented and have been having a blast with them. 2ml of ink for 1.25 to 2.50 (regular price.) that’s just enough to fill a pen with maybe a little left over, and i’ve been enjoying having a variety of inks on hand without breaking the bank in a major way.

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