Does anyone have any recommendations for break resistant thread? Aramark seems to have discontinued repair service for their uniforms, at least for FaucetCompany employees, and I have two or three pairs of pants with rips in the crotch area. I’ve had reasonable success repairing small tears of an inch or less, but longer ones won’t hold, even for one shift. Squat wrong once, and the thread breaks.

At first, I tried a general purpose thread, but no matter how close together I put the stitches, or how many times I went over the area, the repair wouldn’t hold. Then I switched to nylon monofilament thread, thinking it would be stronger, but no luck. I make the repair by hand, if that matters. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I’m almost ready to buy some thin gauge stainless steel safety wire.

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  1. My recommendation is to go to your local sewing shop–perhaps with the pants in question–and ask for advice. If the people behind the counter can’t help, I’d bet one of the customers can.

    I think, though, that heavy-duty cotton thread will work better, but I don’t sew (I knit). Even then, I’m not sure a hand repair in that area will actually hold no matter what you use.

  2. I’m lazy, I would just get some iron on patches and call it a day. Lol

  3. I know the pants I get from Duluth Trading has a gusset in the crotch to give more room when crouching.

    Other than adding said gusset, i think you’re likely to be SOL.

    • alaskan454 says:

      I fear you’re correct. It sucks that the uniform company doesn’t want to do repairs any more, but in the past when I had crotch repairs done by them, they didn’t last any longer than my repairs. Honestly, the only reason I still use them is so I don’t have to bring the chemicals home with me to launder them.

  4. GarandGal says:

    I think you can probably have the gussets inserted by a good seamstress. My eldest has the thighs of a linebacker and regularly tears out the fabric next to the seams of his jeans. I use patches from donor jeans to reinforce the material and sew through at the same time that I sew the repair. I also don’t generally just sew the seam back together I use a darning foot to “scribble” in around and over the hole. Sometimes I can get a fairly close match to the fabric and it’s not all that noticeable, other times I get creative. Pink hearts, yellow moons… :>

    • alaskan454 says:

      “Pink hearts, yellow moons…” That’s just mean.

      I don’t own a sewing machine, so the darning foot thing is impossible. I’m also hesitant to invest money into pants that I don’t even technically own. I’ve considered biting the bullet and buying some good pants with gussets already part of the design, but there’s always something else screaming for my money. Plus, the casual chemical exposure that I get on a near daily basis would destroy anything with any significant content the first week. Kinda damned I do and damned if I don’t. I now have a pair of donor jeans, so I’ll probably start with the patching to reinforce and hope for the best.

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