She’s Back

In a few hours, B will be returning to FaucetCompany for her orientation. According to her boss, she won’t be on my shift. I told her boss that I don’t really care if she is.

When B contacted me to give me the heads up on her return, she also offered yet another profuse apology.

I wish I had never did what I did to you.  I am sorry.  So very sorry.  I just didn’t trust that you were the real deal.  Since the day I was born I’ve been shitted on. Abused physically and mentally.  If I could take back anything in this world it would be what I did to you.

She also did her usual complaining bit about how much her life sucks now. I had to ask. “Would you want to try again if we could work out the details?” I was asking more to see where her head was than anything else.

Not right now because I have serious issues to work out. I have to get myself right.  But please know that you are such a kind man and truly loveable.

Translation: She may or may not really be sorry, but either way, she definitely doesn’t want me. Good. That makes it easier.

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2 Responses to She’s Back

  1. At least yours admitted she was the fucking problem.

    • alaskan454 says:

      Yeah, that’s something, I guess. Doesn’t change the final outcome, but it is better than claiming innocence and deflecting the blame everywhere.

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