B emailed me yesterday. I’d bumped into her father and younger sister last week, and her sister told her about it the the day before yesterday. She simply said, “Hi. I hope things are well with you,  my sister said she saw you not too long ago.”

The last time she contacted me was around Easter. The day after then-Wifey told me that there was zero chance of rekindling a romantic relationship between the two of us.

Last week, my latest love interest seemed to be warming up significantly towards me. The last few days, however, things seem to have cooled off a lot. She never texts me when she gets up any more. She seldom texts me in the evenings, when we used to have hours long conversations. In fact, the last two conversations that she initiated were because she wanted or needed something.

This has left me more certain than ever that there is no chance with her. She’s taken away the conversation, which was the only thing we ever really had, and has gone from graciously accepting whatever gifts I’ve chosen for her, to asking for shit. I’ll give it two weeks. If we aren’t back to where we were last week, the spoiling is over. I don’t mind being used, but only as long as it’s on my terms.

Somehow, B seems to know when I’m most vulnerable, and picks those times to reach out to me. At least this time I was strong enough not to invite her back into my life. But my tears did make a brief appearance.

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6 Responses to Uncanny

  1. Women suck. And never the way you want them to.

  2. Jin Chiang says:

    I would agree with bbuddha. You are going too fast. That said, your speed gratuitously revealed her nature.

    She is using an emotional hook. Of course, things cooled down. You’re keeping the wallet shut.

    Two weeks? How about immediately? If she were truly interested in you, she would find ways to spend time with you.

    • alaskan454 says:

      The thing is, I hadn’t really closed the wallet when I started feeling the distance. But I have made it a point to keep it closed and ignore not very subtle hints as a result.

      Why two weeks? Because, although I’m 99% sure, I have been wrong before. And everyone has off/bad days or even weeks. I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt that I would hope to be given. And in the grand scheme of things, what’s a $10 stuffed animal and a small bouquet?

  3. Jin Chiang says:

    Would you hold onto a grenade if there is a 99% chance that it’s going to explode? Sadly, the benefit of the doubt would be appropriate in Pleasantville only. I suppose you can continue if you are masochistic or have a morbid curiosity as to how things would unfold.

    If a hot girl asks you out for coffee then starts talking about marriage while staring at your crotch with crazy eyes, you’d start distancing yourself too. By coming on too strong, you attract gold diggers. Stop and take a breather.

    By the way, launching the Grumpy drone to perform reconnaissance via Facebook was a stroke of genius. Now you’re getting it. Eliminate the bad choices as soon as you can.

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